Mobile Device Management michael kors rebajas Complete remote management for company devices

Corporate and personal mobile devices (commonly referred to as Bring Your OwnDevice or BYOD) must be provisioned, configured, monitored, tracked and secured as user’s access business data and applications. PCG Managed Workplace MDM allows you to meet these technology challenges effectively every day of the year.

How does this benefit you?

Gain a clear competitive advantage

PCG Delivers comprehensive monitoring of all iOS® and Android™ devices, and manage efficient large-scale deployments of mobile devices for your business that adhere to your corporate usage and security policies. With PCG Managed Workplace MDM, we’re equipped with the tools to address critical security issues, simplify administration and improve performance for smartphones and tablets.

Solve security concerns

PCG protects both personal information and sensitive corporate material because we have the oficialairmaxonline ability air max blancas to track mobile device location and remotely lock and wipe lost or stolen devices. When you set devices as “lost”, you can be alerted when they check-in again, and configure automatic protective actions to occur, such as locking and /or wiping the device.


Centralized view

PCG Gets a consolidated view of your employee’s smartphones and tablets so we can view details by group or individual device and take rapid remedial action when required.

Real time alerting

PCG Knows about security and availability issues immediately and take appropriate action to secure mobile devices in your care with alerts that tell you when SIM cards are changed; a device is unavailable for a specified period of time or has changed Mobile networks, and more.

Agentless iOS monitoring and management

Bring iPhones® and iPads® under management quickly and easily with no agent to deploy.

Rapid device provisioning

Simultaneously provision mobile devices for monitoring and deploy corporate usage and security policies in a few clicks.

Protection for lost devices

Track mobile device location, remotely lock and wipe lost or stolen devices to protect corporate and personal data.

Configuration profiles

PCG Meet unique customer needs efficiently by rolling out pandora joyas even highly customized mobile management programs in minutes using configuration policies. Configuration policies define and enforce usage and security rules for managed smartphones and tablets, offering great flexibility in applying different rules for different devices—which may vary significantly based on roles of device users.

Settings include those for Wi-Fi access, passcode standards, and permissible

Mobile Service Manager

PCG reduce response times and increase customer satisfaction by remotely monitoring issues and acting on alerts anywhere for your smartphone or tablet.

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